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Utah Catholic Schools is pleased to announce that we plan to open on August 17, and we’re just as prepared as we’ve always been. While other schools were scrambling to meet the challenges of education at home, teachers at Utah Catholic Schools were already running remote learning sessions that were creative and engaging. It worked: Student participation was between 90 and 95 percent, and parents overwhelmingly approved. Our plan for reopening is to continue that tradition of excellence while ensuring the safety of teachers and students. To that end, we’ve made multiple modifications to routines and procedures, and we’re keeping class sizes small. Utah Catholic Schools accept students of all faiths and religious backgrounds because we believe in creating a strong sense of community. We invite you to stop by today and we’ll show you how we are dedicated to nurturing faith, expanding knowledge and preparing students for the future.

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As a Christ-centered organization, Utah Catholic Schools are absolutely committed to inclusivity and acceptance of all families, with or without means. Based on your income and needs, our staff will develop a plan that is flexible and fair. Talk to us today.

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